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Student Profile: Beyond Writing with Cassidy Kao

Cassidy Kao chats with some of her students.

Ikera Olandesca, Staff Writer

September 6, 2019

Inside the classroom of a bilingual school in Taiwan, thirty students are gleefully penning poetry in a creative writing workshop, their teachers scurrying everywhere to take photos. It's an exciting opportunity for them, to learn about poems from a self-published author who is also a seasoned creative writing teacher, a CEO and believe it or not, a freshman.

Student Profile: Madison T. “seas” Turtles

Madison holds up baby sea turtles at Dr. Cray's lab at the University of Miami.

Nicole Wu, Staff Writer

November 28, 2017

It's 9 P.M. on a Florida beach. Madison Toonder, clad in military-grade night-vision goggles, crawls on her hands and knees in the sand towards a sea turtle. Her stealth approach pays off and she successfully draws blood from the sea turtle. It is a big deal, the validation she needed after working fo...

Chatting with Rachel Chaffin

Rachel Chaffin (’16) is a sophomore at the OHS. In addition to her volunteer work, she enjoys playing piano and tennis, reading and writing, and participating in competitive speech and debate.

Observer Staff

April 15, 2014

Observer: What kind of service do you do and how does it help the environment, economy, etc.? Chaffin: The service work I participate in focuses on training young students, particularly grades 6-9, in competitive speech and debate. I have been competing in speech and debate tournaments since I was ...

An Unlimited Vision: An Interview with Henry Elkus

Henry Elkus, entrepreneur and OHS student

September 10, 2013

Henry Elkus, a current senior at the OHS, embodies many of the traits that make OHS and its students stand out among other schools. He is not only a dedicated student and a talented ski racer, but also a promising entrepreneur. “Skiing, learning, philanthropy, and clothing are my passions right n...

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