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Student Profile: Beyond Writing with Cassidy Kao

Cassidy Kao chats with some of her students.
September 5, 2019
Inside the classroom of a bilingual school in Taiwan, thirty students are gleefully penning poetry in a creative writing workshop, their teachers scurrying everywhere to take photos. It's an exciting opportunity for them, to learn about poems from a self-published author who is also a seasoned creative writing teacher, a CEO and believe it or not, a freshman.

Student Profile: Madison T. “seas” Turtles

Madison holds up baby sea turtles at Dr. Cray's lab at the University of Miami.
November 28, 2017

It's 9 P.M. on a Florida beach. Madison Toonder, clad in military-grade night-vision goggles, crawls on her hands and knees in the sand towards a sea turtle. Her stealth approach pays off and she successfully...

New Teacher Profile: Ms Hamaoui

Marie Hamaoui is a new instructor at the OHS
October 10, 2017

Peanut? No not the food, the pug! The Physics Pug! Not every physics teacher has a physics pug, but Marie is not your typical physics teacher. For one, she doesn’t mind being called her first name, Marie,...

New Teacher Profile: Dr. Hendrickson

New Teacher Profile: Dr. Hendrickson
September 28, 2017

He’s been to prison many times, but don’t worry, he was only there to teach literature. Helping the inmates there get a quality education, Thomas Hendrickson taught at San Quentin State Prison while...

New Teacher Profile: Dr. Tillman

Micah Tillman is a new Core teacher at the OHS.
September 26, 2017

Some people listen to songs for the music, others listen for the lyrics, but one person listens for the philosophy. A new core teacher at the OHS, Micah Tillman is that person. Dr. Tillman has been...

Chatting with Rachel Chaffin

Rachel Chaffin (’16) is a sophomore at the OHS. In addition to her volunteer work, she enjoys playing piano and tennis, reading and writing, and participating in competitive speech and debate.
Q&A showcasing Chaffin's ('16) community service
April 15, 2014

Observer: What kind of service do you do and how does it help the environment, economy, etc.? Chaffin: The service work I participate in focuses on training young students, particularly grades 6-9,...

An Unlimited Vision: An Interview with Henry Elkus

Henry Elkus, entrepreneur and OHS student
September 10, 2013

Henry Elkus, a current senior at the OHS, embodies many of the traits that make OHS and its students stand out among other schools. He is not only a dedicated student and a talented ski racer, but also...

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