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Student Government Speeches

Share Your Impressions of Candidate Speeches

Ferris Haukom, Junior Associate Editor September 9, 2022

Let us know your thoughts on the 2022-2023 Student Government Candidate Speeches here.

Wall of Wisdom: Class of 2022

Wall of Wisdom: Class of 2022

Lily Sun, Jasmine Li, and Knox Choi May 29, 2022

Welcome to OHS Observer's 2022 Senior Wall of Wisdom! Scroll down to read the advice our seniors had for fellow students and underclassmen.

Zai getting ready to receive chemotherapy with her sky-blue silk hat and neon blue Crocs.

The Infusion Clinic: Where Children Seek Care and Comfort

Amelia Zai, Staff Writer May 23, 2022

There is something odd, yet beautiful in the infusion clinic air this morning. The smell of antiseptic masked by the scent of my lavender and chrysanthemum aroma stick fills a place that I know all too...

A piggy-bank, calculator, change, and glasses are laid on a white top.

OHSers Tie for 5th in the State of California at National Personal Finance Competition

Knox Choi, Senior Associate Editor May 22, 2022

OHSers Tie for 5th in the State of California at National Personal Finance Competition What do you get when you combine sleek suits, countless hours of prep, an intriguing case study about a married...

Map of Moldova

Reporting From Moldova: A Student’s Perspective on the Russo-Ukrainian War

Ferris Haukom, Mattia Worster, and Kate North April 25, 2022

Felicia Iordachi is a Sophomore student at Stanford OHS who lives in Moldova. In light of the recent events in Ukraine and near Moldova, she has been kind enough to speak about her experiences with living...

The microphone and camera are in place as Charles Zhang shoots for his award-winning short film.

Eye of the Hurricane: Student Life During the Pandemic

Isabella Huang, Staff Writer April 24, 2022

Covid-19 is a hurricane that took over the world, its diablerie towards mankind ripping us away from the lives we had previously known, from activities loved and done often, and from our families and loved...

Girl Up Club logo

How to Dress Your Best: Self-Confidence and its Role in Healthy Relationships

Amelia Zai, Staff Writer March 6, 2022

Confidence is the best accessory you can wear. But how do we find it? This is the question explored by Isabella Zeitlin ‘22, president of the Girl Up Club, during a Middle School Workshop in January...

Antonio at one of his gymnastics meets, tall and proud.

Antonio Prieto – A Light Lost Too Soon

Kaveri Udupa, Staff Writer February 10, 2022

The OHS community lost an important member, Antonio Prieto on Saturday, January 8 to a tragic car accident that also claimed the lives of his parents. A passionate gymnast, enthusiastic student, and kind...

Sophomore Reps SMaCK Your Stress

Sophomore Reps SMaCK Your Stress

Aanya Gupta, Staff Writer February 10, 2022

Decreasing pressure not only for yourself but for others has always been a challenging task, but Dashmi and Aidan accepted the challenge headfirst to ensure a less stressful year for sophomores. Born...

Gathered in the hotel lobby, a group of OHSers sit together on the affectionally named The Couch

Homecoming 2021-2022

December 3, 2021


Vintage photograph featuring two individuals dressed as giant eyes courtesy of

The Observer’s 2021 Halloween Short Story Winner Announced

Kate North, Art & Culture Editor November 16, 2021

The winner of the Observer Halloween Short Story contest, based on an eerie vintage photograph, has been determined. Literature Club leaders judged the contest and declared"Windows," written...

The pandemic has limited dancers ability to access studios. In response, Jeanine Yuen practices in open spaces.

Jeanine Yuen: A Dancer For All Seasons

Kaveri Udupa, Staff Writer November 7, 2021

Meet Jeanine Yuen, a senior dance student from North Carolina. Jeanine practices ballet, contemporary dance, lyrical dance, jazz dance, and acro. Jeanine does not stop dancing, whatever challenges come...

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