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Ester Weinhardt, on the first recording her poetry podcast Woven Words.

The Story of Ester Weinhardt

Aanya Gupta October 24, 2021

Sitting down at her desk with her black microphone in front of her, Ester started to speak. She spoke passionately and confidently, speaking what came to her mind. She thoughtfully placed her words, forming...

Presenters at the 2021 Stanford OHS Research Colloquium share individual and team research projects.

2021 Fall Research Colloquium @ OHS: Neurofencing, Black Holes, and Nanoparticles

Tanisha Gupta and Jasmine Li October 9, 2021

This year's series of research colloquia kicked off to an amazing start with seven projects spanning various topics. Read below to find out more about each of these intriguing  projects! Supriya Nair The...

A postcard designed pro-bono by artist Krista Niles features the ERA logo.

April Wen and Siria Chapman: The Faces of Student Advocacy at OHS

Ferris Haukom, Junior World News Editor October 7, 2021

Political change in a democratic system is typically enacted by voters - so how can it be effected by those too young to vote? April Wen and Siria Chapman, sophomore students at OHS, believe that information...

Summer in Full Bloom


May 9, 2021

Sejong Kim, a 7th grader at OHS and a competitive tennis player, practices on the court.

Observer Presents: Athlete of the Month

Kaveri Udupa, Admissions, Advising, and College Counseling Beat Reporter April 28, 2021

April: Sejong Kim Meet Sejong, a 7th grader at OHS who is an award-winning competitive tennis player and has played in over 50 tournaments. While respectful and participative in class, Sejong transforms...

Road trip to visit colleges!
- Sophia Barthel, Bellevue, Washington

Senior Snapshots

April 26, 2021

A positron emission tomography (PET) scan comparing a normal brain and a brain with a psychopathic pattern typical for serial killers. Such images are often analyzed and discussed in the Criminal & Forensic Psychology Circle.

Circle Spotlight: Criminal & Forensic Psychology

Maria Lim, Junior Culture Editor April 21, 2021

In recent years, criminology—and all things crime— such as procedural dramas, true crime documentaries, books, and podcasts have gained great popularity among many groups, especially teenagers. OHSers...

Cogito is a philosophy journal centered solely on publishing the philosophical research and work of high school students.

Cogito: A Journal to Wrap Your Mind About

Katherine Viala, Student Support Beat Reporter February 17, 2021

Cogito, ergo sum. “I think, therefore I am.” Cogito is a philosophy journal centered solely on publishing the philosophical research and work of high school students. As there is an astonishing...

Grey Peters on her horse Babe

Equestrians @OHS

Tanisha Gupta and Storrie Kulynych-Irvin February 17, 2021

“A true horseman does not look at a horse with his eyes, he looks at his horse with his heart.” - Unknown. Meeting with members of the Equestrian Club, I know this to be true. Their relationships with...

Andrew Chiang guides his robotics team.

A True Leader, Andrew Chiang – What It Takes

Lily Parry, Clubs, Achievement, and Student Life Beat Reporter January 8, 2021

What does it take to be a leader? As Dr. Failor, Assistant Head of OHS, puts it, you have to find a balance. “In being a leader there is both a soft side, which consists of inclusiveness, empathy, and...

The Latin Club leaders explain the various features of their club.

Carolyn Engargiola, Noah Giles, and Elizabeth Hasapis: Bringing Antiquity to Life

Kate North, Humanities Beat Reporter December 9, 2020

From across the United States, the co-consuls of the Latin Club, Carolyn Engargiola, '21, Noah Giles, '21, and Elizabeth Hasapis, '21, smile hospitably.  When asked to describe their club, Carolyn...

An overview of GlioZap: A Nanoscale Approach to Identifying and Destroying Glioblastomas, created by an EAV Team of Badami, Joukovski, Ibrahim Rahman, and Daniel Kabanovsky. This project won an ExploraVision Honorable Mention as one of the top 10% of projects in 2018-2019.

Inventing the Future: Get to Know the OHS Explore-A-Vision Club

Storrie Kulynych-Irvin, Senior School News Editor December 9, 2020

According to its website, the Toshiba Explore-A-Vision Competition asks students “to create and explore a vision of future technology by developing new ways to apply current science.” Taking on such...

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