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The Olympic-sized swimming pool located at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

My History with Racing Anxiety

Lester Wessels, Staff Writer May 7, 2023

I hear the second whistle, indicating for me to step up onto the diving block. My feet feel the block’s rough surface, and I think to myself, “I wish I could just finish this race as soon as possible.”...

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Physical activity can take many shapes and forms, such as dancing, biking, running, and hiking.

Physical Activity at an Online School

Harmehel Singh, Staff Writer February 19, 2023

Physical activity has many health benefits, such as improving brain health, weight management, and bone and muscle strength. However, an online environment such as that of OHS impacts some students’...

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Ryan Lin (right) helping the software team through a coding conundrum in his backyard at a chilly Saturday onsite meeting.

Ryan Lin: An Energetic and Amiable Leader

Tanisha Gupta, Associate Editor February 10, 2023

It was a quiet afternoon in Saratoga at the 1st robotics team gathering of the season, as the team emerged from the pandemic. Team members were engaged in quiet, polite conversation. That is, until Ryan...

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Kabir Gupta (‘24), a passionate, approachable, and supportive student leader and pixel

Kabir Gupta: A Passionate Student Leader

Aanya Gupta, Staff Writer November 13, 2022

Every morning Kabir looks forward to his 8:50s. After a 20 minute meditation session, Kabir gets ready for his class. Opening up his computer and coming online for his class at 9am a message pops up -...

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Investment club founder Kaden Ma explains common Day Trading patterns during a Friday afternoon meeting.

SOHS Bursts onto the Investment Competition Scene!

Max Qvale, Associate Editor November 4, 2022

Despite the importance of money management and sensible investment as a crucial life skill, students usually aren’t taught the basics of investing at all. According to a survey conducted by the investment...

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OHS Pixels in Debate

OHS Pixels in Debate

Mandy Yu, Staff Writer November 4, 2022

The 2022 debate season is now in full swing, and the debate team here at OHS is preparing for their first in person debate tournaments since the pandemic. Here’s a look into everything happening with...

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Genshu Price

Genshu Price: Changing Lives With HI-5

Raphael Esquivel, Staff Writer October 30, 2022

Bottles4College, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by OHS freshman Genshu Price, funds college tuition for students in Hawai'i.  It raises these funds through the Hawai'i Deposit Beverage Container Program...

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What Are OHSers Reading? 4th Edition

Kaveri Udupa, Staff Writer October 28, 2022

Edition four of book recommendations from students, compiled by grade. Have a suggestion? Submit here:   7th Grade The Pursuit Of Miss Heartbreak Hotel by Moe Bonneau  "Intimate and raw, The...

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Aston Daviess picture reflects the thoughtfulness he puts into his work at the Humanitarian Weekly.

Aston Davies: Through New Perspectives

Ester Weinhardt, Staff Writer October 17, 2022

“We’re in a time period where there is a demand for change,” Aston Davies reflects as he talks to me about his magazine, the Humanitarian Weekly. We’re chatting on a Zoom call as he sits in front...

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Emersen and her younger sister lead a WiSTEM+ workshop at their local boys and girls club.

Emmie Panigrahi: Creating a Safe Space For Women In Science

Annika Ross, Staff Writer October 17, 2022

Emmie Panigrahi, a senior at OHS, is devoted to providing a safe, inclusive space to support Women in STEM+ fields. Between her full-time academics, competitive fencing, and position as the board chair...

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56 OHS students responded to a survey indicating how many hours of sleep they get on a nightly basis.

Do OHSers Get Enough Sleep?

Kara Lee, Associate Editor October 17, 2022

Results from a survey of 56 OHS students show that 40% of OHSers don’t get enough sleep. These students are getting less than the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation of eight...

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Student Government graphic

Image vs. Policy: Student Government Speech Impressions

Ferris Haukom, Editor-In-Chief October 3, 2022

Student Governments have long existed as a way for students to become more closely involved with designing school life while working in an environment that simulates a typical workplace. This allows them...

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