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Mrs. Stanford, caught on Channel 4 News viewing the Queen lying in state.

A Moment Captured — An OHS Teacher Experiences the Aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

Lily Parry, Staff Writer December 11, 2022

September the 8th marked a time of unprecedented change for the United Kingdom, and for many worldwide. The death of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked strong sentiments globally, with many startled to find...

Dr. Gilula and child.

Dr. Gilula: A Dedicated Instructor

Andrew Chiang, Science & Tech Editor October 25, 2020

As an advanced math teacher, Dr. Maxim Gilula sees math as its own world – one that is abstract, separate from real life.  "You don't have to argue about politics," Gilula said. "Real life really...

Marie Hamaoui is a new instructor at the OHS

New Teacher Profile: Ms Hamaoui

Pallas Lemarchand, Staff Writer October 10, 2017

Peanut? No not the food, the pug! The Physics Pug! Not every physics teacher has a physics pug, but Marie is not your typical physics teacher. For one, she doesn’t mind being called her first name, Marie,...

Ms Tock, an instructor at the OHS, pursues astronomy beyond her classes as she sits among crescents of the sun during the August 2017 eclipse.

Reach for the (Double) Stars

Rohit Narayanan, Staff Writer October 6, 2017

OHS students have a long history of looking to the stars. Recently, groups of students have been doing research on double stars in a series of independent projects leading up to the newly offered Astronomy...

New Teacher Profile: Dr. Hendrickson

New Teacher Profile: Dr. Hendrickson

Nicole Wu, Staff Writer September 28, 2017

He’s been to prison many times, but don’t worry, he was only there to teach literature. Helping the inmates there get a quality education, Thomas Hendrickson taught at San Quentin State Prison while...

Micah Tillman is a new Core teacher at the OHS.

New Teacher Profile: Dr. Tillman

Ryan Lee, Staff Writer September 26, 2017

Some people listen to songs for the music, others listen for the lyrics, but one person listens for the philosophy. A new core teacher at the OHS, Micah Tillman is that person. Dr. Tillman has been...

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