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Gathered in the hotel lobby, a group of OHSers sit together on the affectionally named The Couch
Homecoming 2021-2022
December 3, 2021


In the multiplayer game Among Us, players wonder “Who is the imposter?” Using the Among Us characters, I created a drawing which turns that question around to ask, as those with imposter syndrome will ask themselves, “Am I an imposter?”
Speaking the Unspoken - Imposter Syndrome at OHS
Ester Weinhardt, Co-Editor-in-Chief • April 29, 2021

One of the first things that struck me about OHS is how kind, respectful, and welcoming everyone is. At OHS, teachers and students alike make...

The Williams family prepares for Venuss tennis match
‘King Richard’ Review: A Love Letter to Young Black Girls
Lily Sun, Co-Editor-in-Chief • January 7, 2022

“King Richard” opens with a curious image of Will Smith as Richard Williams, who, struggling to support his daughters’ tennis aspirations...

The album art for Closer, which depicts The Appiani Family Tomb In The Staglieno Cimitero Monumentale, Genoa, Italy.
Closer by Joy Division — A Solemn Statement of Purpose
Ferris Haukom, Junior Associate Editor • January 5, 2022

“Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition,” Ian Curtis announces during a 1980 live performance, setting the tone for Joy Division’s...

Beasts and Beauty,  written by Soman Chainani and illustrated by Julia Iredale, is published by Harper Collins.
Good and Evil in Fairy Tales: Beasts and Beauty
Kate North, Art & Culture Editor • January 5, 2022

We think that growing up means that we have to let go of fairy tales, but what happens when the stories grow up with us? Fairy tales “aren’t...

OHS Pixel plushies encourage you to explore these free resources!
The Observer’s Guide to Free Resources for OHS Students
Jasmine Li, Staff Writer • November 17, 2021

The OHS Observer has assembled a list of online resources that are available to OHS students through their Stanford accounts, encompassing design...

The pandemic has limited dancers ability to access studios. In response, Jeanine Yuen practices in open spaces.
Jeanine Yuen: A Dancer For All Seasons
Kaveri Udupa, Staff Writer • November 7, 2021

Meet Jeanine Yuen, a senior dance student from North Carolina. Jeanine practices ballet, contemporary dance, lyrical dance, jazz dance, and acro....

Kiki Panigrahi (left) participates in a fencing tournament
Kiki Panigrahi: A Fencing Journey
Mandy Yu, School News Editor • November 4, 2021

Part of OHS’s talented community of athletes, Kiki Panigrahi is a full-time sophomore at OHS and competitive sabre (saber) fencer. Juggling...

Presenters at the 2021 Stanford OHS Research Colloquium share individual and team research projects.
2021 Fall Research Colloquium @ OHS: Neurofencing, Black Holes, and Nanoparticles
Tanisha Gupta and Jasmine Li October 9, 2021

This year's series of research colloquia kicked off to an amazing start with seven projects spanning various topics. Read below to find out more...

Role-Model Countries: How The World has Effectively Prevented The Spread
Role-Model Countries: How The World has Effectively Prevented The Spread
Lily Parry, Clubs, Achievement, and Student Life Beat Reporter • March 3, 2021

The virus we have all been experiencing, and that is slowly yet promisingly coming to an end, has been a worldwide phenomenon. It has affected...

The graph in the image is a 3D model of Singh’s simulations and the number of cases after 24 hours.
From Exoplanets to Climate Change: Research @OHS
Tanisha Gupta, Sports Editor • February 3, 2021

Have you ever heard of RR Lyrae Stars, the technology EXOTIC, or the Bergström-Boyce Model? Have you ever thought about predicting heat waves...

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