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The Federal Trade Commision headquarters in Washington D.C. (Adobe Stock Images)

The FTC’s Oversized Non-Compete Ban

Noah Balough and Jimmy Wey June 12, 2024

On April 23rd, the Federal Trade Commission introduced a ban on most existing and all future non-compete agreements. This development has sent shockwaves through the labor market, as employers look to...

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Image above is from a slideshow made by MSA leaders for the annual Ramadan event. While it’s different for every Muslim, one of the main experiences during Ramadan is becoming closer with God (Credit: various MSA members).

Sense & Sensitivity: Leading the Muslim Student Alliance at OHS

Rishi Janakiraman, Staff Writer June 11, 2024

When Noor Azam-Naseeruddin (‘24) took on its leadership, the Muslim Student Alliance (MSA) was still budding, the bridges of community still waiting to be built. Azam-Naseeruddin wanted to elevate the...

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Mental health is essential for an overall well-being and requires understanding, support, and care. (Creative Commons License)

The Board of Mental Health

Harmehel Singh, Staff Writer May 28, 2024

The World Health Organization defines mental health as the “state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively...

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The dollar is facing a challenge for its spot as the global currency leader. (Pickpik)

The Future of the Dollar

Noah Balough and Jimmy Wey April 18, 2024

The United States Dollar has been the dominant currency of the world for the past 80 years. It is used in 88% of foreign exchange transactions and takes up 59% of all foreign exchange reserves, making...

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With times a-changing for the SAT, what do OHSers think of the new digital exam? (Source: Axios)

Into the Future: Opinions on the Shiny-New Digital SAT

Jonathon Forder, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

Last Saturday, March 9th, was a historical day for SAT test-takers: the first fully-digital test was administered. The digital SAT, run through CollegeBoard’s software Bluebook, is the culmination of...

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A profile photo of Salam Mustafa, our new Student Life Director.

Salam Mustafa: Interview With OHS’s New Director of Student Life

Susie Yang, Staff Writer February 21, 2024

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to achieve that failure because it was a milestone to be even considered!” Salam Mustafa, the new Director of Student Life at OHS, says regarding...

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OHS students pose together at the 2023 Homecoming Dance. Photo provided by Student Life.

Pixels Enjoy Homecoming 2023

Susie Yang, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

November 17 and 18, Stanford OHS held its traditional Homecoming event in Boston, Massachusetts. This year, Boston welcomed the Homecoming with pleasant weather and bright autumn leaves. More than 200...

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Neha Gadde (left) and Hridha Mathuria (right) posing with boxes filled to the brim with clothes that had been donated to 12k. (Source: Gadde and Mathuria)

Battling Hunger One Can at a Time: The 12k Project

Yolaine Lafevre, Staff Writer December 10, 2023

“You would think that companies would want to help out a nonprofit that just wants to do a good thing,” says Hridha Mathuria, a junior at Thompkins High School in Houston, Texas, “but just convincing...

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OHS currently offers over 100 student-led clubs covering a range of hobbies and interests.

A New OHSer’s Guide to Clubs

Carolyn Salmon, Staff Writer December 8, 2023

What is the best way for students to make friends with common interests? Clubs! Whether Brick and Mortar or Online, clubs are a fantastic way for students to try out new skills and socialize with peers....

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Does starting out earlier at OHS result in increased access to high-level classes?

Rajalakshmi Sriram, Staff Writer December 1, 2023

Stanford Online High School (OHS) is a platform for students to engage in higher learning earlier in their academic careers. Many aspire to get admitted to OHS as early as possible, aiming to delve into...

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“In ninth grade, I was unsure as to what I wanted to study in the future. BECA would have been a good opportunity to explore the different fields, says BECA co-founder Naiya Mody.

BECA Initiative: Driving Student Experience in Business, Economics, Computation, and the Arts

Annika Ross, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

BECA—Business, Economics, Computation, and the Arts—is an organization founded by Stanford Online High School students Hannah Xie, Naiya Mody, and Nascha Martinez in 2023 dedicated to connecting students...

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Villalobos works on the prosthetic
arm for Jesse who requested it to be turquoise and black.

Augustine Villalobos: On the Bounds of Biology and Engineering

Rishi Janakiraman, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

Behind the workings of a turquoise-black prosthetic arm — sized to precision, hand opening and closing, shipped all the way to Portugal — is OHS student Augustine Villalobos (‘23), a high-school...

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