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Caption: The Science Fair Club at OHS collaborates, explores, and pushes the boundaries of scientific knowledge!

Unleashing the Curiosity: Igniting a Passion for Science Through Engaging Science Fairs

Aanya Gupta and Tanisha Gupta May 12, 2023

Science fairs are a feared and overlooked experience by many students, but at the heart are really just an opportunity for students to work by themselves or with others to solve a problem or make an observation....

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Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani (left) receives World Cup trophy from FIFA President Sepp Blatter after the 2010 announcement that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup

Politics of the Qatar World Cup: The Bid and Tensions (Part II of IV)

Raphael Esquivel, Staff Writer March 12, 2023

In the first part of this series, we discussed what got Qatar interested in using football as a means of profit. Now that they were interested, ideas to capitalize started forming during a time of tense...

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Toshifumi Kojima, Liberal Democratic Party Member of the House of Representatives, explains a poster on levels of radiation in the purified wastewater from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Radiation, Reconstruction, Recovery: What the Fukushima Nuclear Incident Means for the Future of Energy

Isabella Huang, Staff Writer March 12, 2023

We are living through some of the most crucial years for the environmental movement — this is history in the making. Last November, the UN Climate Change Conference took place while the United States...

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FIFA President Giovanni Infantino and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani hand the World Cup to Lionel Messi and champions Argentina.

Politics of the Qatar World Cup: Getting Into Football (Part I of IV)

Raphael Esquivel, Staff Writer February 19, 2023

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has been widely criticized for human rights abuses, corruption, environmental concerns, and more. Qatar’s world cup is a product of global political, military, economic,...

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In Beijing, security in protective suits stand in front of a building under lockdown.

Democracy Cast In Shadows: The Horrifying Reality of Lockdown Procedures in China

Rishi Janakiraman, Staff Writer January 29, 2023

Trigger Warning: Death, Illness, Suicide The people of Guiyang, China weren’t prepared for the lockdown. Starvation permeated the city air as people cried out of hunger; the empty streets were painted...

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Rep. George Santos waits for the start of a session in the House chamber

How George Santos conned his way into congress

Max Qvale, Associate Editor January 29, 2023

In the modern age of digital information, where a person’s online image and prestige are more important than ever, you would think that it would be pretty difficult for a con artist to make it very far...

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Mrs. Stanford, caught on Channel 4 News viewing the Queen lying in state.

A Moment Captured — An OHS Teacher Experiences the Aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

Lily Parry, Staff Writer December 11, 2022

September the 8th marked a time of unprecedented change for the United Kingdom, and for many worldwide. The death of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked strong sentiments globally, with many startled to find...

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A tomato hornworm can devour up to four times their body mass in leaves and fruits per day.

Common Pests Plaguing OHS Gardeners

Harmehel Singh, Staff Writer December 11, 2022

Pests are a nuisance to gardeners, whether the gardeners have a field of crops or just a small home garden. However, while they defoliate and harm plants, pests like moles often also serve as a link in...

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Image shows several major time zones around the world.   OHS students represent 49 U.S. states and 42 countries.

How are OHSers Impacted by Time Zone Differences?

Kara Lee, Associate Editor December 11, 2022

Despite being largely oriented around Pacific Time, OHS is home to students in time zone differences ranging from Central, Hawaii, Eastern, Korea, to Philippine Time. In a recent poll of seventeen students,...

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The majority of guest user activity began and ended in October of 2022.

Guest User Activity on Skype Platforms: Does OHS Have a Trolling Problem?

Annika Ross, Staff Writer December 11, 2022

Recently, the Stanford OHS community has seen an anonymous “guest” user join many active Skype groups, posting inappropriate and offensive content, often targeting minority groups and individuals....

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OHS students meet on Stanford campus and take a group photo.

A Halloween Night: Pixels Meet at Winchester House

Mandy Yu, Staff Writer November 13, 2022

On October 23, Pixels in the Bay Area gathered for a night of spooky fun at the Winchester Mystery House.. A historic mansion located in San Jose, the Winchester Mystery House was originally the private...

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Investment club founder Kaden Ma explains common Day Trading patterns during a Friday afternoon meeting.

SOHS Bursts onto the Investment Competition Scene!

Max Qvale, Associate Editor November 4, 2022

Despite the importance of money management and sensible investment as a crucial life skill, students usually aren’t taught the basics of investing at all. According to a survey conducted by the investment...

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