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OHS Pixel plushies encourage you to explore these free resources!

The Observer’s Guide to Free Resources for OHS Students

Jasmine Li, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

The OHS Observer has assembled a list of online resources that are available to OHS students through their Stanford accounts, encompassing design and programming software tools, journal subscriptions (both...

The pandemic has limited dancers ability to access studios. In response, Jeanine Yuen practices in open spaces.

Jeanine Yuen: A Dancer For All Seasons

Kaveri Udupa, Staff Writer November 7, 2021

Meet Jeanine Yuen, a senior dance student from North Carolina. Jeanine practices ballet, contemporary dance, lyrical dance, jazz dance, and acro. Jeanine does not stop dancing, whatever challenges come...

Kiki Panigrahi (left) participates in a fencing tournament

Kiki Panigrahi: A Fencing Journey

Mandy Yu, School News Editor November 4, 2021

Part of OHS’s talented community of athletes, Kiki Panigrahi is a full-time sophomore at OHS and competitive sabre (saber) fencer. Juggling a full schedule with academics and sports, Kiki has mastered...

Pedro playing Chopins Fantasie Impromptu at the OHS Summer 2021 Talent Show.

Pedro Aguilar: Behind the Musicians at OHS

Maya Sarimsakci, Staff Writer November 4, 2021

Among the many talented Pixels who showcased their skill at the OHS Talent Show, Pedro Aguilar, playing Frederic Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, caught the audience's attention with his profound playing....

Ester Weinhardt, on the first recording her poetry podcast Woven Words.

The Story of Ester Weinhardt

Aanya Gupta, Staff Writer October 24, 2021

Sitting down at her desk with her black microphone in front of her, Ester started to speak. She spoke passionately and confidently, speaking what came to her mind. She thoughtfully placed her words, forming...

Presenters at the 2021 Stanford OHS Research Colloquium share individual and team research projects.

2021 Fall Research Colloquium @ OHS: Neurofencing, Black Holes, and Nanoparticles

Tanisha Gupta and Jasmine Li October 9, 2021

This year's series of research colloquia kicked off to an amazing start with seven projects spanning various topics. Read below to find out more about each of these intriguing  projects! Supriya Nair The...

OHS senior Victoria Ko began studying Latin as a middle school student.

Victoria Ko: Connecting the Dots Through a Dead Language

Ella Blanco, World News Editor October 9, 2021

Compel. Dispel. Propel. Pulse. What do these seemingly unrelated words have in common? All of these words stem from the Latin third conjugation verb pellō, pellere, pepulī, pulsum, meaning to strike,...

A postcard designed pro-bono by artist Krista Niles features the ERA logo.

April Wen and Siria Chapman: The Faces of Student Advocacy at OHS

Ferris Haukom, Junior Associate Editor October 7, 2021

Political change in a democratic system is typically enacted by voters - so how can it be effected by those too young to vote? April Wen and Siria Chapman, sophomore students at OHS, believe that information...

Senior Students Reflect on Graduation

Lily Parry, Clubs, Achievement, and Student Life Beat Reporter May 5, 2021

It seems like just yesterday was the beginning of a new school year, fresh off the press- but in reality, graduation and summer are just around the corner! As this school year comes to an end, seniors...

Literature Club’s Literary Journal Receives Rank of Excellent in the REALM Program Clementine Zei

Clementine Zei, Junior Multimedia Editor April 28, 2021

Nectar for Withering Flowers, the Spring edition of the OHS Literature Club’s Literary Journal, recently won the rank of “Excellent” in the REALM program. The REALM Program, which stands for “Recognizing...

A positron emission tomography (PET) scan comparing a normal brain and a brain with a psychopathic pattern typical for serial killers. Such images are often analyzed and discussed in the Criminal & Forensic Psychology Circle.

Circle Spotlight: Criminal & Forensic Psychology

Maria Lim, Junior Culture Editor April 21, 2021

In recent years, criminology—and all things crime— such as procedural dramas, true crime documentaries, books, and podcasts have gained great popularity among many groups, especially teenagers. OHSers...

AP courses at OHS are being phased out and replaced with alternative classes. What does this mean for students?

AP’s Phasing Out and What That Will Mean

Mandy Yu, School News Editor April 14, 2021

Advanced placement classes with horrifying three-hour-long exams bring terror to all who are transitioning into or attending high school. With a broad variety of subjects ranging from AP Statistics to...

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