Senior Students Reflect on Graduation

It seems like just yesterday was the beginning of a new school year, fresh off the press- but in reality, graduation and summer are just around the corner! As this school year comes to an end, seniors have some thoughts and opinions to share. 

Stanford OHS is a school that supports its students endlessly and manages to bring out the best in all of us. And seniors agree with this wholeheartedly. OHS has impacted them positively and helped teach valuable skills through challenging yet beneficial classes, as well as providing a community of close relations and a positive atmosphere.


One student said, “Stanford OHS offers a great education, resources, and opportunities that cultivate growth and development. I think that the skills I learn at OHS are applicable to real life and will help me to grow as a person and as a scholar.” 


Others stated, “I think in the path of my personal journey, there’s a very clear difference between me before OHS and me after OHS, and this is a really good thing!” and “OHS has given me a space where I can share my thoughts with a community of like-minded individuals. I have met many amazing people who I am lucky to call my friends.”


On graduation, seniors are experiencing a mix of nerves and excitement, with responses like “[I’m] a little excited, a little nervous! Most looking forward to the independence, but also worried about the independence/responsibility.” 


After their experiences at Stanford OHS, seniors have increased knowledge of how to best seize one’s school years. Inserted below is some of the best advice they gave to younger or newer Stanford OHS students. :


  • “Try not to compare yourself to other students, it’s so so detrimental to your mental health.”
  • “Make friends with people!! It seems a lot harder than it is, but join clubs that are interesting to you and put yourself out there!! The community at OHS is literally the best, so just meet people!”
  • “Take time for yourself! Take care of your physical and mental health, spend time with friends, and do things you enjoy whilst you still have the opportunities to do so! Learn with an open mind, listen carefully, laugh easily, and don’t be afraid to try new things. If you make mistakes, face setbacks, or have failures, remember that learning something from these is often more valuable than continuous success. In summary, find a balance of hard work, fun times, and rest that allows you to be your best self.”


Let’s finish off by recognizing how hard Stanford OHS students, especially graduating seniors, have worked this year. They have shown that true grit and desire to go far will always be rewarded. As one senior says, “[The] Class of 2021 has worked really hard to get here. I’m proud of us….”