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Which Math Teacher is Your Long Lost Twin?

Students gather during Summer @ Stanford 2018. Image by Cody Snapp

Elizabeth Johnson, Director of Engagement

August 29, 2019

Take this quiz to find out which OHS math teacher is your long lost twin.

The OHS Observer’s [email protected] Bucket List

The OHS Observer's S@S Bucket List

Elizabeth Johnson and Natalie Wu

August 7, 2019

Got any extra time? Sick of dining hall food? Here are 11 places to visit during your time at Summer @ Stanford.

Take This Quiz and We’ll Guess Which [email protected] Course You’re In

Take This Quiz and We'll Guess Which S@S Course You're In

Natalie Wu, Editor in Chief

August 7, 2019

[email protected] is the time to explore new subjects or carry out experiments you didn't get to do at home, let's see if we can guess what you're doing during your first week on campus.

Time Tripping with OHSers

Time Tripping with OHSers

Ayana Ito, Staff Writer

September 17, 2013

When you’re an OHS student, sometimes it seems like academics are your extracurricular. You might find yourself thinking that there just isn’t enough time in the day to play an instrument or do a sport while still getting the grades you seek. As impossible as it may seem, however, there are ma...

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