It’s More Than Just Dance

Team KAty Perry, composed of juniors and seniors, beat the Morefresh freshmen and sophomores 52.75-50 in a Just Dance battle during activity time on Thursday at Summer @ Stanford.

Every year at Summer @ Stanford, students are required to sign up for activities outside of their mini courses or labs where OHSers are able to socialize with one another.

This year, one of those activities was Just Dance, a motion-based dancing game where players copy movements shown on a screen, but with an added twist. Per the participants’ choice, the activity was a competition between underclassmen and upperclassmen.

A total of 10 dances were performed to songs ranging from Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Each team danced four times as individual groups. During the last two rounds, two representatives from each team were elected to dance alongside their rivals.

Each dance was scored out of ten by the two residential counselors supervising the activity.

They were judged on overall energy, team involvement and form, said one of the residential counselors, Faatimah Solomon. “[Students] leaving space for others, that was something I considered.”

The competition was tight, with each dance better than the one before. The KAty Perrys ultimately won by less than three points.

Regardless, fun was had all around, and the activity was a huge hit.

“I was expecting to not like it as much, but it was actually a lot of fun,” said KAty Perry member, Cassandra Wright.

For Solomon, the real prize was the sense of comradery built through the activity.

“Sometimes with mandatory group activities a lot of people come with reluctance and that’s okay,” Solomon said. “I was happy that there seemed to be a lot of, ‘I’m excited to be doing this.’ I thought that was nice.”