Celebrating The Year of the Tiger Around the World

A street in Singapore’s Chinatown acknowledges the Year of the Tiger. According to the Chinese zodiac, the Tiger is associated with strength and bravery. Those born under this sign are said to be energetic, risk-takers who love competition.
Jasmine Li, based in Xi'an China, shares her family's preparations for Spring Festival.
Jiayun Zhnag '24 and Boshen Zhang '26 share their Spring Festival Celebrations in Shanghai, China.
Zhongshu Wu '25, from Beijing, China, shares his Spring Festival celebrations.

February 1, 2022 marked the first day of Lunar New Year, a two-week long holiday celebrated in East Asian cultures which represents the beginning of the new year and first new moon on the lunar calendar. The Asian and Pacific American Student Union (APASU) held a Lunar New Year celebration on that day for the OHS community to learn about Spring Festival traditions and to share their own personal experiences!

Instructor Mr. Bennette, and students Nicholas Peh ‘25, Ilana Nguyen ‘22, Jacquilyn Ly ‘26 and Dylan Ly ‘24, Maddy Manning-Bi ‘22, Jiayun Zhang ‘24, Darren Li ‘25, Zongshu Wu ‘25, and Jasmine Li ‘23, shared images and videos of their 2022 Spring Festival celebrations, some of which are shown above. Each of the presentations reflected the diverse and unique Lunar New Year traditions of OHS families across the world, from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China to across the United States.